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Originally I am from Vienna, Austria. I moved to the United States in June of 2020 and have lived in Florida since then. Currently I recide in Broward County and I am happily married. December 28, 2018 I received my American citizenship and I am very proud of this accomplishment.

Over the years I have learned a lot about America, elections in America and most of all about the Constitution. Many Americans do not recognize anymore how unique our country is. When shools stop teaching the children, who are the future of this great nation, how this nation came into existance, how much sacrifice has been made to secure the freedoms they enjoy today, all these accomplishments will go away rather sooner than later. We are already observing the consequences of changing our history and removing the parts the Left does not want the younger generations to know. I could go on and on with this, but thee would be a case of wrong time, wrong place.

To counter act the lack of education I decided to become a certified firearms instructor and start education people around me about our rights given to us not by the government but by our Creator. The bill of Rights is merely a reminder for the government that these right are giving by God and that government must not infringe on them. Thinking about it, maybe a better name would have been The Bill of Reminders for the government.

I hope that you find my website informative and please contact me if you need help getting your CWL or need one-on-one training so you can be certain to know what to do in the case you ever have to defend your life, the life of a loved one or even the life of a stranger.

Charlie Artner

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