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Florida is on the right track - FL HB 1205

I tip my hat before one of the newest members in the Florida House of Representatives—Kaylee Tuck. Rep. Tuck is a born Floridian, graduated from Florida State University and her profession is Real Estate/Land Use Attorney. You probably ask yourself and why do you tip your hat before her? There are plenty of attorneys in Florida. That is true, but only one of them submitted Florida House Bill 1205.

HB 1205 - Protection of Constitutional Firearms Rights

Summary: Designates act "Second Amendment Preservation Act"; declares specified actions to be infringements of constitutionally protected rights concerning firearms; declares such actions to be void & of no effect; provides duties of courts & law enforcement agencies concerning such actions; prohibits public servants & others from certain acts; provides civil liability for such acts; making certain individuals ineligible for employment in law enforcement if they have engaged in specified actions.

The Unpacking

Locking closer at this bill, it is actually sad that we need a bill that protects our Constitutional rights. As a matter of fact, if we need this bill to protect our Second Amendment Rights, who is to say that the #Democrats are going to respect this bill should it be enacted and become the law in the great State of Florida?

Democrats declared war on all the rights conservatives love so much, and prevent them from creating a Socialist/Communist Divided States of America. We should not need this bill, yet a 27-year old freshman in the Florida House sees the need to step up and protect our Constitutional rights by filing a bill that will "tell the Feds to stick it where the sun ain't shining" (Editorial Note: that quote is how I interpret that bill and does not come from the bill text or Mrs. Tuck). Take your federal #GunControl laws and hang them up in your Washington D.C. bathroom so you have something to wipe your royal behind with.

For that, I tip my hat before Florida House Member Kaylee Tuck.

Now, let's take a closer look at the bill. Tuck recognizes the overreach of the federal government. Her bill points to the Tenth Amendment in our Constitution which clearly states that the Federal Government cannot just take on powers because they don't agree with what the states are doing. The powers given to the Federal Government are very limited, although if we look at D.C. today, one could believe that ALL the powers are given to the Federal Government. She also points out that even though the Federal Government has the power to tax, they cannot abuse this power to restrict law-abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment or any of their Constitutional rights.

She lays out how these federal regulations are a violation of our Second Amendment and "exceed the powers granted to the Federal Government." Furthermore, she goes into the interstate commerce; the bill reads, "regulating commerce does not include the power to limit citizens' right to keep and bear arms in defense of their families, neighbors, persons, or property, or to dictate as to what sort of arms and accessories law-abiding citizens may buy, sell, exchange or otherwise possess in this state," (This state = Florida).

The bill then continues to refer to the carefully constructed equilibrium between the federal and state governments and that the Federal Government may execute its limited powers and shall not be so construed to grant unlimited power because this would destroy the balance so carefully constructed.

Find Your Representative and Senators

To find your Representatives in the Florida House, click here.

To find your Senators, click here.

To read more on Florida HB 1205 please click here.

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