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Training Options



Minimum Florida State Requirement

If you would like to apply for your concealed carry license in the State of Florida, you are required to show proof of competence by completing any gun safety class.

We are offering this class in several forms. You can either take a Concealed Carry Class, or the Basic of Pistol Shooting.

These classes will cover everything necessary to receive a certificate of completion which you will need to submit along with your CWL application.


For the novice firearms owner

This class is the perfect entry class for new gun owners. In this class you will learn all the basics about gun safety, you will learn about the different components of a pistol and revolver and how to choose the right gun for you.

This is also a great class for those who already have a gun, but don't feel comfortable enough to handle it with confidence. This class will give you the knowledge and confidence to enjoy your gun.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Private Lesson

For new and experienced shooteers

Our Private Lessons start at a 2-hour minimum. You will get our undivided attention during those 2 hours and our goal is to make you feel more comfortable handling your firearm as well as practice your accuracy and consitencey.

We also offer consultation if you do not have a firearm yet, but would like to purchase one. Keep in mind though, If you have no CWL, you have a mandatory wait time of 5 days in Broward County.

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